Arrested Development Season 4 Review

I always knew that Arrested Development was a brilliantly written show, but the fourth season takes it to a whole new level. It’s brilliantly written. From the jokes, to the characters, to the non linear plot that makes more and more sense with every episode. I’ve heard of lot of complaints about how different it is from seasons 1-3, and it’s true that it is very different. But I see that as a good thing. My biggest concern prior to the release of these new episodes was that it would be a complete rehash of previous episodes. It would have been very easy for them to slap together some dumb plot where George Sr. ends up in prison again and then just throw a bunch of old familiar jokes at us for 15 episodes. But let’s face it, that would have sucked. As much as I hate how early the show was cancelled, you have to admit by season 3 it was getting old. What this show needed was something new. And in this way, season 4 delivers. It evolves all the characters, creates it’s own unique story arc, and even decides to play out the events in a completely unconventional and unfamiliar way, all while maintaining the same tone and style we’ve come to love. And it’s fucking hilarious. From GOB’s Sound of Silence running gag, to Tobias needing to “get his rocks off”, it just as funny and quotable as seasons 1-3, even if it takes you till episode 5 or 6 to start laughing. Oh yeah, that’s the other thing I should probably mention. It’s not great right away. Because the plot is so complicated, and it makes a little more sense each episode, the first few are a bit confusing. After 2 episodes you’ll find yourself going “oh, this is what this is gonna be like?”. But I promise if you can hang in there, it becomes as good if not better that you would have hoped. And I have a feeling repeated viewing may prove the early episodes to be funnier than they seem at first. Now I have to go, I just drank a lot of water.

Overall Rating: Fantastic/10


The Hangover Part III Review

I wish I could say The Hangover Part III was as stupidly funny as the first one, or as insanely repetitive at the second one, but the truth is you’ll probably spend most of the movie just waiting for it to be funny. Oh, and they don’t even have a hangover this time. (Ironically, though, I am writing this with one).

Overall rating: Ed Helms/10

Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

Star Trek Into Darkness is exactly what you would expect of a sequel to the 2009 Star Trek. It will thoroughly entertain the average movie going audience, but like it’s predecessor, it’s not a movie for the fans. Sure, they try to make the nerds giggle with lots of subtle references to the show, but ultimately they dumb down the franchise for the sake of the lowest common denominator with it’s big dumb ending. (I guess the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few). I’ve said it before an I’ll say it again, Star Trek is not an action franchise. The original pilot episode for the show was rejected by the network on the grounds of being “too cerebral”. That was Star Trek in a nut shell. In a world of stupid 60’s TV shows, it was intelligent, slow paced, and made you think. This movie is Lethal Weapon in space. So if you like crappy action movies with flat characters and butt loads of CGI, and have no regard for the respect of source material, I guess go check this out. But if you like good movies, you’re probably better off just re-watching Wrath of Kahn.

Overall Rating: Dumb/10

Iron Man 3 Review

Iron Man 3 might have been mildly entertaining if not for the numerous giant middle fingers to not only anyone who is a fan of the comics, but also anyone who has ever seen a movie. Every opportunity for a major plot twist is quickly shut down with “no, don’t worry, we didn’t actually have the balls to do that”, and when drastic changes to the characters do occur, it is skimmed over in 30 seconds¬†of voice over. The Mandarin, whom fans have waited to see in a movie for almost 5 years now, is disappointing at best, and the after credits scene reveals no teaser for future Marvel movies, but instead tries to pull off it’s own unfunny version of the infamous shawarma scene. I do have to give the filmmakers credit, though: they did create a whopping 35 new Iron Man armours that were all quickly destroyed after less than 10 minutes of accumulative screen time. If this is the new standard for MCU movies, I’m very worried about Avengers 2.

Overall Rating: Bad/10