Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

Star Trek Into Darkness is exactly what you would expect of a sequel to the 2009 Star Trek. It will thoroughly entertain the average movie going audience, but like it’s predecessor, it’s not a movie for the fans. Sure, they try to make the nerds giggle with lots of subtle references to the show, but ultimately they dumb down the franchise for the sake of the lowest common denominator with it’s big dumb ending. (I guess the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few). I’ve said it before an I’ll say it again, Star Trek is not an action franchise. The original pilot episode for the show was rejected by the network on the grounds of being “too cerebral”. That was Star Trek in a nut shell. In a world of stupid 60’s TV shows, it was intelligent, slow paced, and made you think. This movie is Lethal Weapon in space. So if you like crappy action movies with flat characters and butt loads of CGI, and have no regard for the respect of source material, I guess go check this out. But if you like good movies, you’re probably better off just re-watching Wrath of Kahn.

Overall Rating: Dumb/10


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