This Is The End Review

This Is The End is a movie that doesn’t know what it’s trying to be. The tone is all over the place, from the funny joking that you came to see, to the bizarrely dramatic and emotional, and to scary throughout some of the scenes involving Jonah Hill towards the end. If you cut out about a third of the jokes, this movie could easily be marketed as an action/horror movie about the apocalypse. However, not a good one. This movie definitely has some funny lines, and in places comes close to being genuinely thrilling, but it never quite becomes the fun adventure comedy I wanted it to be. It’s worth seeing, but I wouldn’t pay thirteen bucks at the movie theatre. Download it, stream it, or maybe go to one of the theatres that only charges seven bucks, like the Rainbow or the Carlton (that’s what I did). Bottom line, check it out. But maybe lower your expectations a little bit.

Overall Rating: At Least Michael Cera Dies/10

UPDATE: Upon watching this movie a second time, I actually enjoyed it a lot more. I don’t know if it was that my expectations weren’t as high the second time, or if I needed some time for it to settle with me, or maybe it was just that I missed so many jokes the first time because the theatre was so loud. I’m not taking back anything I said earlier about it, I’m just saying that it grew on me.


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