Fast & Furious Review (RE-ISSUE)

Ok, let me take a minute to talk about this movie’s title. This is the fourth movie in the series, but it would be very easy to think it was the first. Why? Because it has the exact same fucking title. Ok, not exactly. The first movie is called The Fast and The Furious. The fourth movie is called Fast & Furious. Yeah, big difference. But, asides from what might be the most confusing title ever, this movie is pretty great. They brought the series back to it’s roots with both Paul Walker and Vin Diesel returning as the main characters. This movie easily could have been a direct sequel to the first one, as it barley acknowledges the second or third movies. It also has basically the same plot of the first movie, with Paul Walker now back to being a cop and having to infiltrate another crime syndicate by pretending to be a street racer. Vin Diesel is out for revenge against the head of the gang, so they have to work together one last time. It’s kind of like a grown up more serious version of the first movie, playing more like an action crime thriller than a, bro-ey street racing flick. Possibly the best movie in the franchise, but also kind of the least entertaining. Also, I guess after the last couple the studio didn’t really want to give them a big budget, because there are a lot of crappy looking CGI car crashes.

Overall Rating: Better Than Tokyo Drift/10


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