Fast Five Review (RE-ISSUE)

Almost at the end of my fast & furious marathon, and this one has a stupider title than the fourth movie. The Rock is in Fast Five, and my god is he a terrible actor. I mean, I always thought he sucked, but I guess up until now I had never actually seen him in a movie. Every line he delivers is just so awkward. Luckily, he’s not a very big part of the movie. Fast Five essentially takes the tone and characters that it set up in the last movie and dials up the ridiculous action to 11. It also looks like the last one did well enough at the box office to warrant a much bigger budget on this one, because almost all the car stuff is practical and looks great. This time around the characters are on the run, and the only way to get enough money to disappear from the law is to pull one last job. So they watch Ocean’s Eleven too many times and decide to assemble a team of every side character from the last four movies, which means we get the amazing comedic duo of Tyrese and Ludicris back from the second movie. Meanwhile, the Rock is an FBI agent hot on Vin Diesel’s trail. And if you don’t think the Rock fighting Vin Diesel is fucking epic then get the hell off my website. It’s weird that it took five movies to establish a consistent tone, but it looks like these movies finally know what they are; big, dumb, ridiculous, over the top action that knows exactly how not to take itself seriously. I would almost call these movies action comedies. This sort of feels like what the Expendables movies should be. It’s a bunch of huge muscly dudes hitting each other and driving fast cars, except the action set pieces are actually unique and the sequences are actually well shot. This movie is really really goddamn fun.

Overall Rating: Ocean’s Eleven/10


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