Orange Is The New Black Season 1 Review

When I first heard about this show I thought it looked kind of stupid. The fish out of water white girl ending up with criminals is very been-there, done-that. Admittedly there are a few jokes early on that feel cliche, but this show is definitely original. The tone of the show works really well. It manages to be very funny without ever undermining the seriousness of what the characters are going through. During the first few episodes you’re really put into the shoes of the main character Piper Chapman, adjusting to prison life as she does. The cast is great, there are tons of cool little side characters, an I love how every episode you find out a little more about the main characters past. If you dismissed this show at first, I urge you to give it a chance. And if you don’t have Netflix, get it, cause you’re missing out on some good shit.

Overall Rating: Orange/10


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