Elysium Review

Elysium might be one of the best sci-fi action movies I’ve seen in a while. The world created in the film instantly feels real. They don’t spend a lot of time establishing what it’s like in the slums on earth, which I think is a good thing. So many movies have this dystopian future where everyone is poor, and they know the audience have already seen it, or at least similar enough settings in movies to not be too disoriented. And since there are places similar to this in our current society, it’s not that hard to fill in the gaps as to how this world operates. Having said that, it never feels half though out. It feels as though the director understands this world extremely well, and has spent time fleshing out details that we don’t even see. The world is complex enough to be captivating, yet simple enough to not need 20 minutes of explanation. This is a balance I wish more sci-fi movies would reach. Matt Damon is great as always. I really liked the arch of his character. It was very simple but did a good job of providing an emotional backbone to the movie. The villain was great also, and I love that you don’t see him coming as the big bad until about halfway through the movie. And this was actually one of the few movies of the last few years not to be completely spoiled for me by the trailer. But the best thing I can say about Elysium is it’s the most fun I’ve had in a movie theatre all year. This has been a year of sub-par blockbusters with Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Star Trek Into Darkness, and The Wolverine, and Elysium might just be the best movie of the summer. If you love action, if you love sci-fi, if you’re a fucking human being who wants to feel something other than bleak despair, go see this movie.

Overall Rating: Yes that last line was a jab at Man of Steel/10


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