A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge Review

The second entry in the Nightmare On Elm Street movie is really gay. I don’t mean that derogatorily. This movie is full of homosexual undertones. I mean, it’s more unintentionally gay than Death Race 2. Wes Craven, having respect for his original movie, declined the offer to make a sequel, but the studio owned the rights, and so with dollar signs in their eyes they wasted no time going ahead without him. And, well, I guess this new guy had some issues to work out. The whole plot of the movie involves a teenage boy discovering who he is, with society (and the girl who likes him) rejecting and shunning him for it. Then there’s the scene when he goes out sleepwalking and runs in to his gym teacher at an S&M bar. Yeah, I’m not even gonna touch that one. All queer shit aside, the movie’s not bad. It just doesn’t really feel like a Nightmare On Elm Street movie. In this one, Freddy doesn’t stick to dreams. He actually takes over the kids body while he’s awake, which is something he can’t do in other instalments in the series. They blur the lines of reality a lot, and it’s kind of weird. On the one hand, I kind of respect them for not just re-hashing the original. It really does it’s own thing, which is great. On the other hand, the new direction doesn’t really work as well as the previous one. It’s not a bad movie, but a weird one for sure.

Overall Rating: Gay/10


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