A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master Review

The third Nightmare movie brought an interesting new perspective to the series. It expanded on the premise of the original and re-defined the franchise. Then the fourth Nightmare movie just kinda ripped it off. The movie does the same thing as the third one, with each kid having their own special dream power. The twist now is that every time a character dies, their dream power is absorbed by one girl. By the end of the movie, all her friends are dead, and she becomes the “Dream Master. Then she goes and fights Freddy with all her new powers. One thing I hate about this movie is what it does with all the surviving characters from the last one. In Dream Warriors all the kids are really well developed characters, and I think it would have been really cool to see the remaining ones continue to be fleshed out through the sequels. Unfortunately, (spoilers) Kristen, Joey and Kincaid are all killed within the first half hour of Dream Master, making way for a set of similar but blander replacements. I don’t think I would call this movie bad. It definitely has some really good kills, and Freddy is awesome as ever. Not to mention it has one of my favourite lines of the series when one kid’s dying and he goes “I’ll see you in hell” and Freddy goes “Tell ’em Freddy sent you”. Awesome. But overall it didn’t really take the series anywhere new. It’s essentially the discount version of the third movie. 

Overall Rating: Repetitive/10


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