A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child Review

This is where things start to go downhill. After four movies, the Nightmare On Elm Street series was begging to end, but they just kept pumping them out, with less time and a smaller budget for each entry. The fifth one centres around Alice, the “dream master” girl from the last movie. Now she’s pregnant (and only just out of high school, how scandalous) and Freddy is using the dreams of her unborn baby to attack her and her friends while they’re awake. Sounds like a good premise right off the bat. Original, and with a good excuse to really bend the rules of reality. Well, the first twenty minutes or so are pretty good, with lots of scenes where you’re unsure what is and is not a dream, but the idea becomes way to complicated and the movie gets completely lost up its own ass. There’s all this stuff with the ghost of Freddy’s mom, who’s body the have to find so she can go into the dream world and fight Freddy. Like, what? And Alice keeps getting visited by the spirit of her unborn son, who for some reason is like, eight. Then there’s this little baby version of Freddy running around at the beginning, and this whole thing where Alice has to rip Freddy out from inside her (actually, it’s kind of like the second movie). I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but by this point in the series I don’t really give I shit about the mythology of Freddy Krueger. I just wanna see him gut people in interesting ways. This movie spends so much of it’s runtime on all this confusing bullshit, and then we don’t even get, like, a single good kill. Oh, and that comic book kid is super annoying. Overall this movie is bearable, and it’s certainly not as bad as the next one, but it feels like maybe they should have stopped at four.

Overall Rating: Confusing/10


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