Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare Review

This one sucks. It’s really just terrible. The movie starts with the town of Springwood completely empty of chidren. That’s right, apparently between movies Freddy killed literally every single child or teen in the entire town, and now no one who lives there is under, like, 30. Why Freddy can’t kill the adults is beyond me. He could kill adults in the other movies. But that’s only the beginning. There’s one surviving kid from Elm Street, and he winds up in some halfway house for troubled teens, having lost his memories. The social worker lady who runs the place thinks the best idea is to take the kid back to Springwood to try to jog his memory. And of course, she brings all the other troubled teens, because the movie needs a body count. Once back on Elm Street, the kids start getting killed quickly and predictably. We eventually find out that the social worker is Freddy’s daughter, and that he needs to inhabit her dreams in order to start killing people outside of Springwood. (Yes, there’s actually a giant forcefield around the town that Freddy can’t go through). If all this shit isn’t stupid enough for you, they actually explain how Freddy is able to enter people’s dreams. Apparently there are these three little flying tadpole looking things that have magic dream powers, and when Freddy died they inhabited his body because he was so evil. And if The Phantom Menace’s “midi-chlorinas” taut us anything, it’s that it’s really stupid to try to create some half-assed explanation for a vague mystical concept. Anyway, they have to destroy these tadpole things to kill Freddy, so they lure him into the real world and then blow his ass away with a bomb. (Yes, that is actually how they finally kill Freddy). Other than being a complete insult to anyone who was a fan of the original, the characters are flat, the deaths are predictable, and the overuse of bad early 90’s CGI is visually appalling. The only explanation I can possibly imagine for why this movie is so fucking bad is that they wanted to make sure no one would try to make another sequel.

Overall Rating: Fuck You/10


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