Freddy vs. Jason Review

While Freddy Krueger was killing teenagers on Elm Street, Jason Voorhees had been killing teenagers on camp Crystal Lake. In 1993, they released the ninth and (supposed) final movie in the Friday the 13th series: Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. In the final scene of the movie, Jason’s mask lies on the dusty ground, and Freddy Krueger’s gloved hand reaches up from below and pulls it down in to the dirt. Ever since then horror fans anxiously awaited the crossover. Ten years later, they finally got their shit together enough to make it (during which time they made another Friday the 13th movie, Jason X). After such a long wait, it was inevitable that fans would be disappointed, and the movie doesn’t do a good job of preventing that. It starts out on Elm Street, where Freddy has become forgotten. There’s never really any reference to Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, where the town is empty of kids. I guess, like me, they wanted to pretend that movie never happened. Anyway, Freddy’s lost his powers, and needs the kids on Elm Street to fear him in order to return. So he resurrects Jason (still dead after Jason Goes To Hell) to scare the kids on Elm Street so Freddy can come back. But of course, Jason goes out of control and won’t stop killing Elm Street kids. Freddy wants him to back off his turf, so they fight. What sucks about this movie is that they only fight during the last twenty minutes. It spends so much time on the stupid kids who no one cares about, and goes too deep in to the mythology of how Freddy’s powers work, which is actually completely different from how they work in the other movies. Actually, Freddy looks different too. I guess that makes it a reboot? Whatever, if the filmmakers don’t give a shit I’m not going to either. The actual fight between Freddy and Jason is everything you would hope it to be. It’s pure awesome. Unfortunately, the hour of complete bull crap that comes before it is not worth waiting through.

Overall Rating: Disappointing/10


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