Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Review

Most comedy sequels fail to live up to their original. While you get the occasional Wayne’s World 2, most of them turn out like Ghostbusters 2, or Clerks 2. So with the original Anchorman being as popular as it is, and this new one coming out almost 10 years later, I was expecting it to be not as good. I’m happy to say I was completely wrong. It not only lived up to the original, but in my opinion surpassed it. I was laughing the entire god damn movie. I came out of the theatre and immediately wanted to watch it again. The story feels much larger than the story of the first one, and it never got stale. Just when I started to think “okay, so this is gonna be the plot” it threw me a curveball and went somewhere else entirely. My only complaint is the sub plot involving Steve Carrel and Kristen Wiig. I hate when they do the whole “stupid guy falls in love with stupid girl” thing. It’s just dumb, and I didn’t think anything Kristen Wiig said or did was funny. Fortunately, with so much else going on this is a pretty small part of an otherwise great movie. I would be surprised if it didn’t gain the same kind of popularity as the original, and if they ever make a third one I’ll be right there opening night. 

Overall Rating: Tony Danza’s Scrotum/10


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