Her Review

Her has a relatively simple premise, and I was concerned that they wouldn’t be able to stretch and interesting story out of it. They sort of didn’t. The core story is very simple. Just your basic love story. However, it is the unbelievably skilled execution of this story and the incredibly vibrant and realistic world in which it takes place that makes this movie a must see. It’s funny, smart, and genuine, and the acting is great. Joaquin Pheonix is pulls off an amazing performance, and so does Scarlett Johansson, even as just a voice. Then there’s the cinematography and set deck. This movie is beautiful. Every shot is just so colourful and fun to look at, and the futuristic world is one of the most interesting yet believable I’ve seen in years. Now, I do think that they could have cut about 40 minutes out of the movie. There’s a while there towards the end where it seems to stay in one place more too long. The story is moving along at a steady pace, and then it starts to stagnate a bit. Having said that, I still thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this movie, and would call it a must see of 2013.

Overall Rating: Fuckin’ Go See It/10


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