Star Trek: The Motion Picture Review

The first Star Trek movie is one of the least popular, but in my opinion, one of the best. It’s often criticized for the slow pace and long, silent panning shots. While these can drag a little, particularly at the beginning when you first see the Enterprise, I think they establish the tone really well. This is no longer a silly TV show, this is an epic, and these shots along with the excellent score do a fantastic job at making this movie feel big. It’s everything great about the show, but on a much grander scope. In fact, I think this movie probably captures the feeling of the show better than any other Star Trek movie (except for maybe The Voyage Home). While most people will tell you that Wrath Of Kahn is the best one, I think the original Star Trek movie is worth another look. And hey, you gotta respect any space movie that comes out two years after Star Wars and doesn’t borrow from it at all.

Overall Rating: Underrated/10


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