Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Review

The Star Trek movie franchise has certainly had it’s ups and downs, but The Final Frontier is the only one of the original six that I would actually call a bad movie. I guess after letting Leonard Nimoy direct that last two movies, they decided to give William Shatner a turn on this one. And as if that wasn’t a poor enough decision, they also let him co-write it. The result is not good. Besides the ridiculous plot, one of the worst things about this movie is all the misplaced humour. It tries to capture the comedic tone of The Voyage Home, but all of the jokes feel forced and awkward, from the hard-to-watch camping trip at the beginning that just refuses to end, to the hover-boot ride up the maintenance shaft. Not to mention all the half naked cat women and the Uhura fan dance, which leads me to believe that William Shatner is kind of a creepy sex pervert.

Overall Rating: Complete Mess/10


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