Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Review

The dedication at the beginning of the film may read “For Gene Roddenberry”, but we all know this movie is really for the fans. More that anything else it serves to make up for The Final Frontier and give the original crew a loving send off (and not a moment too soon, the cast is really looking old by this point). In this sense it does a great job. The choice to end on the eve of peace with the Klingons is great, as it perfectly signifies the passage into the next generation of the franchise (see what I did there?). As a movie, the plot is a little slow and all of the scenes with Kirk and McCoy on the prison planet feel strangely out of place. Not to mention it has worse-looking CGI blood spatters that The Walking Dead. I don’t think this is anyone’s favourite Star Trek movie, but it was a solid end to the series. And at least it didn’t end with Captain Kirk being killed by a falling bridge and buried under a pile of stones. I mean, how lame of a final send-off for the character would that have been?

Overall Rating: Fan Service/10


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