Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

The newest Captain America movie has been described as more of a political thriller than a superhero movie. I would say that’s a fairly accurate description, and it’s interesting to see marvel transcend genres like this. However, as far as political thrillers go, this one is sloppily written and full of cliches. The movie stars Captain America, who has the power to survive falls from literally any height, Nick Fury, who has a ridiculously convenient gadget for every possible scenario, Falcon, who can’t mentally communicate with birds because marvel studios insists on making everything way less cool, and Black Widow, who I couldn’t think of a joke for. Should that be whom? Whatever. Anyway, beyond all of these surface flaws, this movies biggest problem is it’s lack of focus. It’s called the Winter Soldier, but instead of actually being about the Winter Soldier, the movie glosses over all the cool cryogenic freezing, genetic experimenting, and robot arm attaching in order to spend almost it’s entire runtime on Robert Redford being shady as fuck. I have no problem with the whole conspiracy thing, and it works great for a Captain America movie, but the Winter Soldier is one of the comics’ best characters and story-lines, and it’s disappointing to see so little time spent on it. It’s like The Mandarin all over again. But at least here they left it open for the character to be developed in further sequels. Over all this movie was enjoyable, but it had far too many flaws to be great, and ends up being pretty forgettable, despite it’s seeming attempt to be the exact opposite. It’s kind of a shame, really. There was so much potential here.

Overall Rating: Was That Danny Pudi Cameo Weird Or What?/10


4 thoughts on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

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