Captain America: The First Avenger Review

If you read my Iron Man review, you know I talked about something that happens in superhero movies, where too much time is spent on the origin, and the last act ends up feeling irrelevant or tacked on. Well, Captain America: The First Avenger takes that shit to a whole other level. It’s like two completely different movies. And the first one, the one telling the origin of Captain America, is great. It sets the time period perfectly, and really does an awesome job setting up the character. Then the second half is kind of a fucking mess. The Red Skull has all these crazy plans that are never explained and make no sense, then Captain America goes after him, they fight for like two seconds, and then Cap crashes the ship into the ice for what seem like somewhat unnecessary reasons. These two halves are bridged by a minute long montage of Cap and the howling commandos fighting through years of war, which I can’t help but feel should have been the part we saw, instead of nothing happening for the whole middle hour. I mean, what sounds like a better second act: Cap doing USO shows for twenty minutes before finally going out on one single rescue mission that ends with little conflict, or Cap and his team of badass war heroes fighting their way across Nazi Germany? Seems like a no-brainer to me. I think it’s really a shame that we missed out on all of that, especially the Howling Commandos. We have this whole team of supporting characters who we get to see in action for less than five minutes. It’s just like Thor’s Asgardian warrior friends. Another character we didn’t get nearly enough of was the Red Skull. Hugo Weaving is a perfect casting choice, and the makeup looks really cool, but we barely ever see him, and at the end Captain America defeats him in like a minute. I just hope they bring him back in one of the sequels, because they definitely left it open to do so. This movie is by no stretch of the imagination bad, but it feels like it was maybe a little rushed, like the just wanted to get Captain America established so they could make The Avengers. But when they were that close to the finish line, who can really blame them?

Overall Rating: Star Spangled/10


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