Iron Man 2 Review


I think when people found out that John Favreau would be directing the first Iron Man, this is the kind of movie they expected it to be. The first one did a great job balancing it’s humour, but it seems like with Iron Man 2 they took it too far. This movie refuses to stop joking around and take itself seriously for even a second, and considering it’s a story about Tony Stark slowly dying while everything that he cares about slips through his fingers, you would think a more serious tone would have been appropriate. That’s right, he’s dying from paladium poisoning throughout most of the movie. I bet you forgot about that. It’s just one of the many irrelevant subplots that tapers off without resolution by the end of the movie. And that’s Iron Man 2‘s biggest problem, it’s lack of focus. It seems like they wrote five or six different Iron Man movies, then filmed them all at the same time and tried to edit them together into one. And as if the whole thing with Whiplash, the whole thing with Justin Hammer, the whole thing with Pepper becoming CEO, the whole thing with Tony dying, AND the whole thing with War Machine weren’t enough, they’re also simultaneously trying to set up Black Widow for The Avengers. What a fucking mess this movie is. And you’d think with all that shit going on, we’d at least get some decent action, but we barely ever see Tony in the suit, and the few fight scenes that there are are completely ridiculous. Like the scene at the race track, for example, which might be one of the silliest things ever put to film. At least this movie has awesome music, though, and it does have some fun moments, which is more than can be said about Iron Man 3.

Overall Rating: I’m No Scientist But I’m Pretty Sure That Whole Creating A New Element Thing Made No Sense/10


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