The Conjuring Review

Usually I’m super skeptical of modern horror movies, but this one’s actually not bad. At first I thought it was very tired. It seemed to just be endlessly recycling ever horror cliche in the book. But as the movie went on I began to realize that it’s an homage to all the classic horror movies of the 70s and 80s. You have the family moving in, the creepy doll, the kid with a ghost for an imaginary friend. It’s kind of like a best of ghost movies compilation. There’s some Shinning, some Poltergeist, and of course the whole thing’s tied together with an exorcism. It’s not original at all, and I wouldn’t call it scary exactly, but it’s freaky in a very fun way, and when watching it I can tell that James Wan loves horror movies as much as I do. I would by no means call this a great movie, but it’s a pretty fun one to watch on Halloween.

Overall Rating: Demonic Possession/10


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