The Incredible Hulk Review

This movie is so much better than everyone gives it credit for. I would maybe even call it better than Iron Man. At the very least, it’s on par with Iron Man. And yet it seems like nobody ever says anything good about it. Can somebody explain to me why no one likes this movie? It’s great that the movie doesn’t feel the need to spend half it’s runtime showing how the Hulk was created. It’s kind of a silly origin anyway, and it’s one we all know. The opening montage is more than enough to establish the character, and the Hulk is always at his best when he’s running from place to place hiding from the government, like a gamma radiated Jason Bourne. That’s what this movie gives us, and it’s awesome. My one complaint might be the look of the Hulk, but I think that mostly has to do with the limitations of CGI at the time. It’s amazing how much better the technology has gotten in just five years. However, careful lighting and other tricks are use in such a way that while the Hulk may look fake, he always has a presence in the scene, you never feel like actors are just talking to a green screen. And knowing that the Hulk had to be CGI, there are actually a surprising number of practical effects. But for me what really elevates this movie above your average superhero movie is the casting. Edward Norton is an absolutely perfect Bruce Banner. Seriously, go read a bunch of Incredible Hulk comics, then watch this movie, and tell me he’s not the best man for the part. He also really wanted to be in The Avengers, but they fired him because he was notoriously hard to work with and wouldn’t fit in well with the group dynamic. But that’s the whole point! Bruce Banner is supposed to be weird and paranoid and unable to get along with anybody, and his inability to work well with others is what makes his relationship to the other Avengers interesting. And Norton’s own difficulties working with others only would have added more authenticity. But instead they gave up one of the most perfect casting choices ever in order to completely contradict the character and have him be charming and nice. So we’ll never see Edward Norton in the part again, and we probably won’t see another solo Hulk movie, which is really a shame, because I fucking love this one.

Overall Rating: Incredible/10

…see what I did there?


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