Thor Review

Thor is a hard movie for me to talk about, simply because I have very little to say. It’s good enough of a movie. I certainly can’t find any major flaws in it. Yet somehow it just always fails to leave any sort of impression on me. I’ve seen it like five times and I can barely remember anything from it. One of the best things about this movie, however, is Loki. He’s such a compelling character, and his transition from good to evil is handled perfectly. It’s really interesting to watch him and Thor start out as loving brothers, and then by the end of the movie reach the point that they’re at in The Avengers. One of the negative things about Loki’s slow transition, though, is that Thor has no consistent villain for most of the movie. The entire middle hour is just him trying to adjust to life on earth, and while this does provide opportunity for some Grade A hijinks, it would be nice to see him doing something other than just fucking around while Loki takes over Asgard. I maybe would have liked to see a little more of him and his warrior friends fighting frost giants. Other than that, there’s not a lot more to be said. It’s funny, the casting is great, and there’s some pretty good action. Somehow it’s just not very memorable.

Overall Rating: Forgettable/10


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