The Avengers Review

In 2008 when Marvel first set in motion a plan to assemble a cinematic universe and create the biggest event in the history of comicbook movies, I don’t think anyone could have predicted that it would end up being just that. Never before has a studio gotten their shit together in order to accomplish such an ambitious goal, and never before has the payoff been so great. The Avengers wasn’t just awesome, it changed the face of modern superhero movies forever, and made a huge mark in the history of cinema. This is the kind of movie we’ll all show our kids. We’ll be able to tell our grandchildren that we saw The Avengers in theatres when it came out, and it’ll blow they’re minds. While the five movies leading up to it had their fair share of ups and downs, The Avengers is pure unapologetic awesome from beginning to end. Each character is given the perfect amount of attention and screen time, it never feels like any one of them is the focus of the movie, and all their interactions are great. Man, marvel did so right in deciding to give this one to Joss Whedon. The man can write group conflict. There are too many great things in this movie to list, from the helicarrier, to the fight between Iron Man and Thor, to Loki’s awesome villain rants. But it at leads up to the battle of Manhattan. It’s way too long, the action is ridiculous and over the top, and everything is completely unrealistic, yet I am dead fucking serious when I say it is the most exciting forty minutes of film I have ever watched. My only real complaint is that Edward Norton isn’t the Hulk, although honestly Mark Ruffalo is pretty great in the part too. And at the end when he goes into action, it’s so awesome that I don’t even care. Well, that’s about all I can say. This movie is fucking awesome, and will forever be remembered as a great achievement for Marvel.

Overall Rating: Legendary/10


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