Archer Vice Review

When I first found out that the fifth season of Archer was going to have a completely different premise than the rest of the series, I thought it was an incredibly bold and original move. However, when the season aired it became apparent that it was anything but. From the small amount of promotional material for the season, I assumed it would be about the main characters running a drug cartel in Miami. You know, an homage to Miami Vice, hence the title. Instead, their cartel is based in New York, they barely sell any cocaine, and when they go on missions they play out just like classic Archer espionage adventures, just with a different objective. So really the only difference between this season of Archer and any other season of Archer is that Pam is skinny and Lana is pregnant. And as a regular season of Archer, the humour is repetitive and there’s a lot of filler episodes. I think what happened here is that someone realized the show was getting stale and thought the change of premise would help keep things fresh. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. However, it is still Archer, and it is still funnier than 95% of television, and I am still excited for the next season.

Overall Rating: Seriously, is phrasing not a thing anymore?/10


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