X-Men Review

So X-Men: Days Of Future Past is coming out tonight, and before I go see it I thought I might as well talk about the movie that started it all. And when I say started it all, I don’t just mean the X-men movies. The original X-men movie is responsible for the creation of the modern superhero movie, and it still totally holds up. What makes this movie so great is how seriously it takes itself. Before this point superhero movies were always kind of silly. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the 1989 Batman is a great movie, but it exists in it’s own stylized comicbooky universe. X-Men was the first movie ever to do set a superhero story in the real world, and in doing so it brought respect to the genre for the first time. The rules of reality are obviously bent, but it never feels crazy or fantastic. It’s so grounded; it almost feels like it could be actually happening. And Ian McKellen as Magento and Patrick Stewart as Professor X are really strokes of genius. Now, if I had one complaint about the movie it would be the decision to cast Wolverine as the main character. Doing so requires the fleshing out and rounding of his character, which robs him of some of the mystique (no pun intended) that he has in the comics. Regardless, this is an awesome, awesome movie. But it’s nothing compared to X2.

Overall Rating: Must See/10


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