X-Men: The Last Stand Review

So Bryan Singer did an amazing job of setting up the Phoenix saga in X2, and with all that groundwork already in place AND such an awesome story arc in the comics to work off of anyway, it should have been very hard to fuck this up. But Brett Ratner, genius that he is, found a way. And if completely ruining one of the most iconic comic book story lines of all time while simultaneously giving a giant middle finger to every X-Men fan in the world wasn’t enough, he also kills all your favourite characters and completely destroys the franchise. Now, understandably, it was a big bummer when Bryan Singer left to go make Superman Returns, but could the studio really not have waited a year for him to come back and make a third X-Men movie? Or even just hire a replacement who hadn’t already somehow managed to ruin Hannibal Lector? It’s almost as if they were so pissed off at Singer for leaving that they decided to get back at him by intentionally ruining the franchise he had worked so hard to build. Now, I know nothing I’ve said so far is very specific, but the reason it’s hard to point out this movie’s flaws is that literally everything in it is stupid, and I don’t want this review to be fifty pages long. So instead I’ll talk about the few things in this movie that I actually liked: (FOOTAGE NOT FOUND)

Overall Rating: If you like this movie you should get punched in the face/10


3 thoughts on “X-Men: The Last Stand Review

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