X2: X-Men United Review

So X2 is one of the greatest superhero movies ever made. If you’ll notice on my list of best to worse marvel movie, it ranks below only the original Spider-Man. X2 did what a great sequel should do, which is to take everything great about the original and crank that shit up to eleven. Whereas the first one has to spend so much time establishing the universe, X2 is really able to stretch its’ legs, and this time has the budget to do so. The result is everything you could ever possibly want from an X-Men movie; the tension of a mounting war between humans and mutants as military men advance on Xavier’s mansion, the exploration about what separates good and evil as Pyro is seduced by Magneto’s ideals, the burden that can come with great power personified as Jean Grey beginning to embrace the Phoenix Force, Wolverine’s struggle with his own mysterious past as he finds out more about the man he used to be, and of course, a whole lot of Nightcrawler. This movie manages to serve equally well as a personal character driven drama and a summer action thrill ride, and never before or again has the dichotomy of the X-Men comics truly been represented as accurately on film. This is the perfect X-Men movie, and the only downside to it is the overwhelming feeling that Bryan Singer was using this movie to set up an even better third chapter that he never ended up making.

Overall Rating: If you don’t like this movie you should get punched in the face/10


2 thoughts on “X2: X-Men United Review

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