Firefly Review

So I was watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.Dand I was thinking “man, this show has made me lose so much faith in Joss Whedon. I gotta do something to get that faith back.” So I rewatched Firefly. For those of you who don’t know what Firefly is, get the fuck off my site. But seriously, Firefly is Joss Whedon’s cult classic sci-fi western that remains infamous for being cancelled far too early. The show had interesting characters, intelligent stories, and most of all took place in an incredibly and original world. The premise is basically that after years of pollution, we had to abandon Earth. We found a new solar system, and terra-formed new Earths, but now with all these new Earths around, the central planets of the solar system formed an alliance and tried to force all the outer planets to join. There was a war, and the rebels lost. Now, while the central planets are all sci-fi-esqu with tall building and spaceports, the outer planets have little resources or government, and so things have become like the wild west. Our main character, Captain Malcolm Reynolds, owns a ship on which him and his crew commit various crimes in an attempt to keep their heads above water in this new frontier. What’s so great about this premise is that it allows for a really wide range of settings and plots. One episode they’ll be flying spaceships through huge sprawling futuristic cities, the next they’ll be robbing a train in the middle of the desert, the next they’ll be having a sword fight at an elegant victorian ball. It’s like Deadwood meets Star Trek: The Next Generation. But what really elevates this show is the attention to detail, specifically in the language. Every character speaks both English and some form of Chinese (yes I know Chinese isn’t a language but I don’t know it it’s Cantonese or Mandarin so I’m just going to call it Chinese), and while this is never expressly explained you can kind of just gather that at some point before leaving earth America and China had become one combined superpower. It’s the kind of thing that makes the future setting so much richer and more believable, without the writers even caring if you notice it or not. And the show is full of stuff like that. Every time I watch it I notice more little subtleties that add to how complex and realistic the world they establish is. Ok, I’m actually gonna shut up now because you should honestly just go watch the show. Come on, do it. There’s only fourteen episodes. It’s all on Netflix. Just take a break from fucking Game of Thrones for like a week and watch this show. Right now. Go do it. I’ll wait.



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