Serenity Review

Ok so if you haven’t watched Firefly, go do that right now. So, when Firefly got cancelled, it left a lot of pretty major questions unanswered. And since back in 2002 there was no hope of getting revived on Netflix, the only option left to Joss Whedon if he wanted to tie up all those loose ends was to make a movie. And that movie was called Serenity. Now the obvious problem with Serenity is that a single movie is a lot shorter than an entire season of a TV show. And it becomes very obvious early in the film that Joss Whedon had an entire season of TVs’ worth of ideas. So Serenity ended up trying to do three things at once: first, it tried to answer all the question and tie up all the loose ends left at the end of Firefly. Second, it tried to adapt some of the ideas Whedon had for the second season that the show never got, and third, it tried to play as a big budget adaptation of Firefly for the big screen. The result was kind of a clusterfuck. See, all the fans of the show didn’t like it because it was dumbed down for a movie audience who hadn’t watched the show, and all the people who hadn’t watched the show had no idea what was going on. If all the focus had just been on making a movie version of Firefly, it probably would have been awesome, but there’s so much house keeping to take care of after how abruptly the show ended that it has no time to actually just be. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, there are a number of scenes that don’t really seem relevant to the plot at all, and I can’t help but think they were ideas that Whedon had for season two episodes, and that he just couldn’t resist throwing them in. There are a lot of stupid moments in this movie that I can tell would have made great episodes had they been given the opportunity. In the end, Serenity is by no means a bad movie, and it did its’ job well enough in terms of finally putting Firefly to rest in a proper way, but it’s a little scattered, and it doesn’t hold a candle to the show.

Overall Rating: Fucking Fox Also Never Should Have Cancelled THIS Show In The First Place/10


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