Scott Pilgrim VS. The World Review

In light of the terrible news that Edgar Wright will NOT be directing Ant-Man, I thought I would re-watch a comicbook adaptation he did a few years back, and one that I kind of hated when I first saw it. The thing about this movie is that, unlike most comicbook movies, it’s not an original story based on a long running history of comics, but rather a literal translation of one story. That being the case, there are a lot of inconsistencies between the book and the movie, and some that are pretty hard to get past. There’s a lot of stuff missing, the ending is totally different, several major characters are either not present or poorly cast, and there’s one fight scene lifted straight from the comics but using the wrong characters. And it’s for those reasons that a thirteen-year-old Ben Dick who loved the Scott Pilgrim books hated this movie so much. But watching it again today I’m happy to say that I don’t really have any problems with it. While it may not be an exact translation, the movie does manage to perfectly capture the tone of the comicbook, and as I’m sure I’ve said before, that’s the most important thing when you get right down to it. It’s funny, it’s brilliantly stylized, it’s a lot of fun to watch, and it has that Edgar Wright seal of quality on it. I mean, the man knows how to do visual comedy. I have no doubt that he would have made the shit out of Ant-Man, and watching this movie now makes me even more bummed that him and marvel have parted ways.

Overall Rating: Awesome/10


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