Blade Review

Blade represents a strange chapter in the history of super hero movies. It came out just two years before the first X-Men movie came along and ignited the genre. At the time, Superman and Batman had been big in the past, but superhero movies had yet to to really break into the mainstream the way they have today. In fact, Blade was only the third Marvel movie ever to get a major studio release, proceeded by Howard The Duck and The Punisher, neither of which did very well. Blade is a weird one because it wasn’t quite as unknown as some of the 80’s marvel movies, but it wasn’t quite as popular as most of the post 2000 ones. But it’s more than just its awkward timing that makes this movie unique. It’s really not so much a superhero movie as it is a B-horror movie based on a comicbook. It’s gory, it’s full of swearing, and it’s R-rated. Nowadays marvel would never release a movie like that. Hell, the entire reason we have yet to see a Deadpool movie is because fox is unwilling to fund an R-rated superhero flick. There was never another movie like Blade before, and I don’t think there ever will be again. As a film itself, Blade isn’t great; it’s pretty stupid, very cliched, and the ending gets downright silly – but it’s really fun to watch. There’s some cool special effects, the action is entertaining, it has a really consistent tone, and Wesley Snipes is a total badass. On the spectrum of comicbook movies, this one usually gets forgotten, but if you get the chance I would recommend checking it out.

Overall Rating: Fuckin’ Cool/10


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