22 Jump Street Review

I thought 21 Jump Street was was pretty funny. I mean, it’s obviously pretty stupid, and it’s kind of lame that they rebooted that show from the 80’s, but it worked. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are a good comedic duo, and the jokes are pretty solid. I wouldn’t call it a quintessential comedy classic, but I enjoy watching it. Now, my obvious worry when I heard about the sequel was that they were pushing their luck. The first one worked, but could they do it again? I”m happy to say that for the most part, they did. They humour is on par with the original, and I like how self-aware it is. It’s obviously just the exact same movie again, and they don’t try to pretend it’s not. In fact, they’re constantly making references to how shameless of a recycling it is, and a personal highlight is during the credits when they show fake trailers for a whole bunch of more sequels, getting all the way up to 38 Jump Street, not to mention a video game and a cartoon. In a world where basically any good movie gets raped into a franchise, it’s nice to see a movie poke fun at the sequel thing. But the movie doesn’t just rely on that alone. It actually does manage to be a pretty funny movie on it’s own, and actually is distinct enough from the first movie. Everybody has a different sense of humour, so I won’t say that absolutely everyone has to go see this, but if you enjoyed the first movie or are just looking for something kinda jokes to go see in theatres, you should check this one out, and I know if it ends up on netflix I’ll probably end up watching it a few more times.

Overall Rating: 22/10


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