Thoughts on Edgar Wright Ant-Man Split

I’m sure I don’t need to tell any of you about Edgar Wright recently parting ways with Marvel over Ant-Man. And I’m sure you’re probably pretty sick of hearing about it. But as someone who is not only a huge fan of superhero movies and more specifically marvel movies, but also actively talks about movies on the internet, I thought I would give my thoughts about it. Initially I was very disappointed. And I still think that Edgar Wright would have made the shit out of an Ant-Man movie. But I think we should have seen this coming. See, Edgar Wright originally wanted to make an Ant-Man movie back in 2006. At the time, superhero movies were very different than they are today. Back when he was first negotiating the deal with marvel, the idea of a shared movie universe was unheard of. If Edgar Wright had made a standalone Ant-Man movie back in 2006, it would have been great. Maybe the character even could have appeared in the first Avengers movie. But the marvel cinematic universe came into existence while Edgar Wright was trying to make Ant-Man, and with it the studio and the way they did things shifted greatly. No longer could directors simply pick up the rights and go make their movie, the studio was now heavily involved, and making a solo movie is very different than making a movie that’s part of a connected universe. And whether the creative dispute between Edgar Wright and Marvel had to do with the inclusion of certain characters in Ant-Man (there’s a rumour Moon Knight will be in it), or simply involved Wright not wanting to fill his movie little nods and set ups to the rest of the universe, I think it’s clear that he simply could not make the movie he wanted to within their guidelines. And as easy as it is to picture marvel as the big dickish studio that wouldn’t let Wright be creative, they’re doing a pretty tough balancing act to keep all these movies together, and sometime that means making tough choices. I mean, just the fact that they’ve been negotiating for eight years makes it obvious that they really wanted Edgar Wright to make this movie, otherwise they would have hired someone else a long time ago. They simply reached a point where neither parties was able to do what they wanted to do without sacrificing the needs of the other. It’s unfortunate, but I just don’t think it was meant to be. And as much as Peyton Reed seems like an incompetent douche, I’m confident enough in marvel’s ability to mass-produce quality films that I’m sure the final product won’t be that bad.


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