American Pie 2 Review

Now, as funny as original may be, American Pie 2 takes it to a whole ‘nother level. I think it’s a much funnier movie. Maybe that’s just because it’s the one I have more memories of from when I was a kid, but I really do think it’s better. The characters have developed naturally from the end of the last movie, and it’s nice to see them more evolved and being thrust into different circumstances, this time with the goal being for them to stay friends as the grow apart, instead of losing their virginities. Plus we get to see much more of Stiffler in this one, and that’s always a welcome change. I mean, a pretty fair criticism of this movie is that it has all the exact same beats as the original, and some of the jokes do go on a little long, like the whole thing with the lesbians. Problems aside, though, I think this is a pretty funny movie, and one that surpasses the original.

Overall Rating: STIFFMEISTER/10


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