American Reunion Review

So after American Wedding they decided that the only way they could possibly keep making money off of the name was to chuck out the original cast, and just have a whole bunch of new teenagers doing stupid sex stuff. Thus begin a long string of stupid, unfunny spinoff movies whose only connection to American Pie is that poor Eugene Levi somehow got tricked into appearing in all of them. But when people eventually stopped giving a shit about those movies, too, they finally decided to put the franchise to rest, and what better send off could you hope for then the return of the original cast? Now, if you had never seen an American Pie movie, and you just decided to watch American Reunion out of the blue, you probably wouldn’t think it was that funny. But what this movie is is a great tribute for fans of the original. It’s so much fun to see everybody back (even if Alyson Hannigan has totally forgotten how to play her character and now just acts the exact same way she does on How I Met Your Mother), and the movie knows how to use all of them appropriately. All of their arcs in the movie manage to be very much in-character, without seeming too repetitive. There’s even some funny twist on previous jokes, like Stiffler banging Finch’s mom at the end. And btw, that whole scene with the MILF guys was the highlight of the movie. Overall, it’s not the greatest movie ever, but it’s a good tribute for the fans, and a nice way to end the series (until somebody makes a shitty reboot in like five years).

Overall Rating: MILF/10


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