Star Trek is Dead, But I Know How to Revive It

So as you may or not know, I’m a pretty big fan of Star Trek. And I’m also very much so NOT a fan of the new J.J. Abrahams movies. I think they’re terrible, CGI schlock-fests that could not possibly be more insulting to Gene Roddenberry’s original vision of a utopian future. But that’s besides the point. Let’s think back for a second. Back in the mid-80s, when Star Trek popularity was at it’s height, did they just pump out action-packed big budget movie after action-packed big budget movie? Well, yes. But they also took the series forward in a big, big way. Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the best possible moves anyone has made in terms of leeching off a successful franchise. It took the shows themes and ideals, but made them fresh and new, totally reviving the franchise for the next, well, generation. But after fifteen years, seven seasons, four movies and three spinoff series, everybody stopped giving a shit about Star Trek all over again. And once again, it needed a revival. Which came in the form of J.J. Abrahams’ 2009 blockbuster reboot. But ask yourself, is a high budget big screen rehashing of all the classic moments from the sixties show really what was needed to revive the Star Trek franchise? Then answer is hell no. And what they should have done is sitting right under everybody’s noses, clear as day; they should do another next generation. A new TV show, with a new cast of characters, set another hundred years forward. See, TV had changed a lot in the twenty years between the original series and TNG, and it’s changed even more in the twenty years since. What we need is a new Star Trek series for the modern world, and though Gene Roddenberry may no longer be around to give it his blessing, I think if the right people were involved it could really make Star Trek great again, and usher in a whole new era for the franchise, something fresh and new. Wouldn’t you rather see that than Kirk and Spock argue about emotion for the millionth goddamn time? If you ask me, the Star Trek movies always suffered from the studio trying to make them to action-y, and a good intellectual TV series is what’s needed right now to bring it back to it’s roots. Now, there may not be much I can do about it (hell, I can’t even get a job at Target), but somebody out there should get this done. Netflix, I’m looking at you.


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