Battle For The Planet Of The Apes Review

So this one takes place ten years or so after the first one, and somehow in that incredibly short amount of time all the apes have become intelligent and taken over earth, because one talking ape can just teach all the others, apparently. Is this making sense to people? See, I think the idea was to bridge the gap between the the end of the last movie and the ape society we see in the original, but it doesn’t make sense that things have changed so much in such a short period. Anyway, so Caesar is now the ruler of the ape society, and humans, though still intelligent and able to speak, are considered second class citizens, and act as servants to the apes. So this one guy, a human, who I think was also in the last one, is trying to convince Caesar that his parents came back in time and told humans that the earth would earth would be destroyed in the year 3978. But Caesar doesn’t believe him, so they have to go down into the underground remnants of New York City to retrieve archive tapes of Cornelius and Zira saying it themselves. But when they go underground they find a whole race of mutated humans (who some of you will remember from Beneath the Planet of the Apes). Meanwhile, they’re another ape who disagrees with Caesar’s peaceful approach towards humans and tries to start a revolution. Eventually Caesar regains control and it ends with a huge battle between apes and humans. It’s basically the exact plot from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The movie then jumps ahead 600 years and we see “the lawgiver” telling the story to a bunch of human and ape children, implying that the future is not set and that there is chance at peaceful coexistence. It’s kind of a nice way to end the series, with a hopeful message and all. This probably isn’t the worst one in the franchise, and it’s not a bad note to go out on, but overall it’s just kind of pointless to watch. Like, I’m just bored through it. It’s like nothing happens. Literally the only point in watching this movie is if you’re a huge nerd and you just have to see how the series ends. For normal people, though, I would suggest sticking to the original.

Overall Rating: Dull/10


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