Open Letter To Comicbook Movie Fans

Dear Comicbook Movie Fans,

I know that as someone who is avidly into comics and such, you feel a certain obligation to see every superhero movie that comes out. I get it, I really do. When I was twelve I made it my mission to have every Marvel movie on DVD. I even bought Elektra, just because I had to have seen it. It’s this same kind of acute mental disorder that prevents me from missing a new superhero release. I have made it my business to see every single majorly released marvel or dc movie ever. This summer I broke that rule. I didn’t see The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And I have no plans to. Even though it’s a comicbook movie, and one about my favourite character of all time. And in making my decision as to whether or not to see any of these movies, I had somewhat of a realization that I’d like to pass on to all those like me.

 If we want to superhero movie industry to survive, we need to stop seeing every single one that comes out. If every single comicbook nerd in the world decides to see every single superhero movie ever, than every single superhero movie ever is guaranteed to make a shit ton of money. And if a shit ton of money is guaranteed, people will stop trying. Instead of actually putting effort into good movies that are faithful to the characters we all love, studios will start pumping out lazy ass pieces of shit, and still make millions of dollars. Sony has already started doing this. They put as little effort into the Amazing Spider-Man 2 as I’ve ever seen anyone put into a movie, and it still made $708 million dollars. Everyone saw it, and everyone hated, but everyone will still see the next one. And while marvel studios may continue to deliver us quality movies, if the market becomes saturated enough with shitty superhero movies we will eventually get bored of the genre. Hell, I’m starting to get sick of it already, and superhero movies are literally the only thing that gives me any pleasure anymore.

Sony has already made two terrible Spider-Man movies, and they’re planning several more. Then you have the entirely unnecessary Fantastic Four reboot,  and meanwhile DC is operating their studio with the basic strategy of just throwing a bunch of shit at us and hoping they make as much money as marvel. Not to rip on DC to much, and I actually am pretty stoked for the new FF, but my point is that there are a lot of people making superhero movies right now, and not all of them are being as careful as marvel has been. Eventually the house of cards will topple, and us fans will be returned to the days of only one superhero movie every decade. So the simple solution is that we have to stop seeing them all. If there’s no guaranteed market, than they’ll have to start trying again. And as much as it pains me to not go see every superhero movie, we have to not see the bad ones. We have to discern otherwise there will be no standard of quality. There have to be consequences for shitty filmmaking, not just rewards either way. 

I know you all want to see your favourite character on screen, but if it looks bad don’t go. If you see a bad one tell your friends not to go. We sit around and say “I don’t know how that movie made so much, it sucked! I mean, I paid twelve bucks to see it, but I mean I had to”. If we all have that mentality, than shitty movies will keep making shit tons of money. If you don’t want superhero movies to be shitty, than stop paying for shitty superhero movies. Please, for the good of all of us. Don’t see The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 


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