Harry Potter Conclusion

So I watched all eight movies, and it’s finally time to find out whether or not I hate Harry Potter. I think the answer is no. I like the universe. I like the character. I think the first three or four movies are great, and they will always have been a big part of my childhood. However, the last four movies are terrible. And because I liked Harry Potter so much, it pained me to see it get so shitty. Kinda like the Simpsons. But unlike the Simpsons, there are a lot of people who think the last four Harry Potter movies are actually really awesome. And that makes me mad, because it seems like a lot of people will just like anything as long as it has a familiar name attached to it. It’s like none of these people even understood why they liked Harry Potter in the first place, they just became so obsessed with it they would love anything related to it, whether or not it was actually good. And I really hate that kind of mentality, and I think it’s idiots just like that who are destroying the film industry by assuring that nobody actually has to put effort into their movies in order to make a million dollars. With no standard for quality, the quality will drop. And we’re rapidly losing out standard for quality. And it’s frustrating to me that all of this is happening because of a bunch of stupid twelve year olds who won’t shut up about Harry Potter. Or The Hunger Games. Or fucking Twilight. And I don’t want to rip on any of those franchises specifically, I haven’t even seen Hunger Games, I’m just saying it’s those kind of idiot kids that are vomiting all this money into the box office just because the movie has a familiar name on it. And as people rapidly being using this to their advantage, we’ll eventually have no movies with any effort put into them whatsoever. And that sucks ass. So my overall conclusion: I don’t hate Harry Potter as a whole. In fact, there’s a lot of Harry Potter that I love. But I hate the last four movies. And I really, really hate the people who love the last four movies.


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