Friday the 13th Part 3D Review

Friday the 13th PART 3 is sort of the definitive movie of the franchise. It’s the first one where Jason wears the hockey mask, and it still sticks to the basic slasher format. The plot this time involves a bunch of teenagers going up to a cabin together for fun, as opposed to going to fix up a summer camp like in the other ones. This new twist on the series allows it to be much more full of sex and teenage mischief than the first two. It feels a little more like a Grindhouse/exploitation movie, rather than the slow, chilling atmosphere attempted in the original. Chances are that when you think of Friday the 13th, most of the images in your head are from this movie. There’s also a really weird subplot in the beginning of the movie where they’re being harassed by an all-black motorcycle gang. It gets kinda racist, but in kind of a funny 80’s way. Now, when this movie originally came out, it was released in 3D. Remember, old school 3D? With the red and blue glasses? Back when it was just a neat little gimmick that they did every now and then, instead of an automatic four dollar mark up on every goddamn movie ticket you tried to by? Man, fuck modern 3D. It sucks and it’s unnecessary and everyone should stop doing it. Fuck you James Cameron. Anyway, with this movie, I actually have a DVD copy that lets you play the movie in 3D, and the red and blue glasses that work with it, so I watched it in 3D for my review. It looks awful, Like, just horrendous. Nothing every really looks like it’s coming out at you, and everything is red and blue. Also, there are a lot of shots specifically dedicated to making the 3D look cool.People swinging brooms way out at the audience, or bouncing a yoyo at us. Every time a character hands a joint directly to the camera, it’s hilarious. Anyway, this movie is probably the best one so far, and is way more fun than the first two. If you want to watch a fun horror movie, and you want to see why everyone loves Friday the 13th, grab a couple of friends, smoke/drink something, and throw this movie on.

Overall Rating: 3D/10


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