Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Review

The first thing that seems funny about this movie is the title. Which I guess made sense at the time, because they really thought it was the last one, but looking back it’s pretty lame that the fourth out of ten sequels claims to be the last one. Anyway, this movie involves another group of teenagers going up to stay together in a cottage out near Crystal Lake. only this time, there’s a family with a little kid living down the street, so there’s some kid humour and video games reference to offset the teenage sex and violence. And who plays the kid? Oh, just a pre-Gremlins Corey Feldman. And as if that wasn’t enough forgotten 80’s star power for you, one of the teenagers is Crispin Glover, who’s as hilarious as ever. The movie starts with Jason waking up in the morgue and killing two doctors, and then the majority of the movie plays out just like the last one; kids drinking, having sex, and being killed one by one by Jason. The coolest part is at the end of the movie, when little Corey Feldman goes up against Jason one on one, and actually manages to kill his hockey-mask-wearing ass. It then ends on a rather eery note, with the implication that the Fel-Dog has become addicted to psycho killing. It was a great end to the movie, and would have been a great end to the franchise. The only problem with trying to go out on a high note is that if the movie ends up being good, someone will end up wanting to make more sequels.

Overall Rating: Fel-Dog VS. Jason


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