Friday the 13th: A New Beginning Review

So I guess the first thing that happened with this movie is that they wanted to try to figure out a way to make another Friday the 13th movie now that Jason was pretty definitively dead. I have to say, they came up with a pretty nice solution. The plot of this movie centres around Corey Feldman’s character, Tommy, now 18 and played by a different actor. They’ve abandoned the plot from the end of the last movie about him becoming a murderer, but he is disturbed, and is sent to live at a group home with other troubled children. The home, of course, is in the woods. Right near the beginning of the movie, one of the kids snaps and kills the fat comic relief character for like literally no reason. It’s a really weird scene. Anyway, soon after that Jason shows up and starts killing teenagers. Or does he? It turns out at the end that the killer was actually a paramedic from the beginning, and the fat kid who died was his son. Apparently seeing his boy’s hacked apart body, he went insane and started dressing up like Jason Vorhees to murder people. At the end of the movie, Tommy puts on the Jason mask and goes running out of the hospital like a madman. So after setting him up to be a murderer in the last one, they then abandoned that plot line, only to end the next one with him also being set up as the the murderer. As dumb as it is, this is actually a cool idea; that Jason can be more of a persona, to be passed on, allows for the franchise to go in a lot of different places while still feeling familiar. And since Jason wasn’t even the original killer in the franchise, it doesn’t seem unfaithful to the character to have a different person behind the mask. It sets up a whole potential realm of sequels that have more to do with the characters and the plots than the specific killer. But, this was the horror industry in the 80s, and you needed an iconic villain. So Jason was brought back from the dead in the next movie, and the franchise goes pretty off the rails from there. But more on that later.

Overall Rating: Slightly Refreshing/10


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