Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI Review

So then I guess they decided to bring Jason back, because, fuck it. This movie starts with Tommy, the protagonist of the last two films, again played by a different actor (the guy from Return of the Living Dead, believe it or not), going to dig up Jason’s body and burn it, and his buddy goes with him, cause that’s something friends do together. After digging up Jason’s body they continue to make poor decisions for a while, and they end up sticking a giant metal pole into Jason. The inevitable(?) then happens, when lightning strikes the pole, bringing Jason back to life. Cause I guess we’re doing, like, Frankenstein rules now?Anyway, the rest of the movie is just Jason running around the town that used to be Crystal Lake, slashing a myriad of different folks in the faces with a machete. Tommy spends the whole movie being chased around by the cops, who arrested him for trying to tell them that Jason was back. So we have this whole awkward b-plot of these two bumbling asshole cops chasing around this one kid. Eventually the two cross paths for a final third act showdown between Jason and Tommy, because hey, it worked the last two times. This one’s pretty much like the last one. It’s a little sillier, but somehow a little darker as well. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Jason’s chubby pig head is now all grey and zombified-looking. Another decently entertaining but ultimately void of substance entry in the series! Great, moving on.

Overall Rating: Now I can’t stop imagining who would win in a fight between Frankenstein and Jason Voorhees/10


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