Freddy vs. Jason Continuity Theory

I already reviewed Freddy vs. Jason. But I’m marathoning every Friday the 13th movie, and I wouldn’t have felt like it was a complete thing if I didn’t at least do a little something for each one, and that included FvJ. This is just sort of a little thing that I’ve been thinking about regarding this movie. So, in order for there to be a crossover, the previous movies in both series would have had to take place in the same universe. Of course, this creates a whole but ton of continuity issues. Realistically, this was just lazy writing. But I’m going to attempt to explain it logically anyway. My theory is that the Friday the 13th movies and the Nightmare On Elms Street movies do take place in two separate universes, but they share a multiverse, and the Freddy Krueger that we see in Freddy vs. Jason is actually Jason’s universe’s version of Freddy Krueger. I say this because FvJ seems to pretty undisputedly share continuity with the other Friday the 13th movies. It fits perfectly on the timeline between Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X. Hell, they even set it up at the end of Jason Goes to Hell by having Freddy Krueger’s hand come out of the ground and grab Jason’s mask. Now, as for the Nightmare On Elm Street continuity, it seems to be different from the FvJ one. First of all, we ended the last Nightmare movie with the town empty of kids because Freddy killed them all, and Freddy himself definitively dead by the end of it. But not only does FvJ ignore that plot point entirely, it also seems to ignore almost all the Nightmare movies. The whole premise is that Freddy has been forgotten by the kids of Elm Street, and needs Jason to make them fear him again. If he’s some ancient urban legend that’s been forgotten by the current generation, then it would imply he hasn’t been killing for at least twenty years or so, meaning basically none of the other movies could have happened, save for the first one, maybe. Also, Freddy looks different in this movie. I mean, it’s still Robert Englund, but the makeup it totally different. Anyway, that’s my theory. Freddy vs. Jason is official part of the Friday the 13th continuity, but is a different universe than the Nightmare On Elm Street movies. And I guess then Wes Craven’s New Nightmare would also be it’s own separate universe, but now I’m getting back on to Nightmare and this was really supposed to be a Friday the 13th thing.


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