The Fantastic Four (1994) Review

I bet you didn’t even know that this happened. Or maybe you thought it was just an Arrested Development joke. But no, this actually happened. In the early 80’s, some movie producer bought the movie rights to the FF from Marvel for super cheap, with the intention of then selling it to the studios for a profit. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to make a Fantastic Four movie, and so the only option he was left with was to produce his own movie for as cheap as possible before the rights went back to marvel. So he convinced Roger Corman to help him produce it, and they made the movie for a budget of 1 million dollars. For whatever reason it never ended up being release, but years later someone put out a VHS of it and now I had to watch it. And, well, it’s pretty fucking bad. But it’s also pretty fucking funny. First of all, just watching the movie I would not have been able to guess that it was made in the 90s. It looks and feels just like an old 70’s drive-in movie. It’s super corny. It starts out with the origin of Doctor Doom, ripped straight from the comics, with him and Reed back in college. We then flash forward ten years to the origin of the Fantastic Four themselves, and all of that is handled decently well. But when it really starts to become funny is when they get their powers, and you realize just how woefully unprepared the special effects budget is to deal with showing them. The Thing is in a rubber suit that legitimately looks worse than stuff you would see nerds at comic-con wear, Mr. Fantastic only ever stretches his arm out, and only does it about three times, and it always just looks like a pool noodle with a glove in the end of it stuck up his sleeve. And as for the Human Torch, oh boy. Most of the movie is just him causing fires by focusing on certain objects, as opposed to actually lighting his body on fire, and he only “flames on” once, right at the end, with the greatest CGI effect of all time. It literally looks like a windows 98 screensaver. It looks like a character from that show Reboot (you’re all too young). It looks like that thing Grum from that one Tim & Eric sketch. I can’t even do it justice, just google it or something. Anyway, this is probably one of the worst Marvel movies, but it also may be the most enjoyable Fantastic Four movie to watch. And actually it’s probably the least laughable portrayal of Doctor Doom ever put to film. It’s kind of hard to find a good download of, and the DVD is difficult to track down, but if you can figure out some way to watch this movie I would highly recommend it.

Overall Rating: Roger Corman/10


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