The Punisher (2004) Review

So in the midst of the Marvel movie popularity in the early 2000s, someone decided to take another whack at a Punisher movie. And I guess they figured the best way they could do it was to just make the most generic middle of the road action movie they possibly could. If you’ve seen any straight up machine gun style R rated action movie between now and the late 80s, you’ve basically seen this movie. It’s pretty bad, but it’s not as bad as some of the really terrible superhero movies out there. It falls more into the realm of just shitty and forgettable. Thomas Jane is a decent Frank Castle I guess, in that he’s a good blank slate upon whom you can infer your own favourite interpretation of the character. The movie also for some reason has Rebecca Romjin, Ben Foster, and John Pinette as the Punisher’s neighbours, who keep trying to make friends with him. It’s like they’re trying to add heart and humour and also kind of a romance b-plot with Rebecca Romjin, all at the same time, and it’s not really done well enough or featured heavily enough to be at all effective. But what really makes this movie worth seeing is fucking John Travolta. He’s the villain of the movie, the deranged mob boss that Punisher spends the whole movie chasing down. He plays it like a fucking psychopath, and it’s awesome. If you love seeing John Travolta overact the shit out stuff, then this is the movie for you. Overall I would say it’s fun to watch with a couple buddies and a couple beers, but if you’re looking for a truly awesome Punisher movie, this is not it.

Overall Rating: Travolta/10


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