Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance Review

After how terrible the first movie was, it seems insane that somebody would make a sequel. And what’s even more insane is that it’s actually not that bad. I mean, it would be a pretty big stretch to call this a good movie, but there is a lot to appreciate about it. It’s directed by Neveldine and Taylor, the duo behind the Crank movies. And the great thing about these two guys is that they don’t take anything they do seriously at all, but they will do anything to get a cool shot. Seriously, watch some making-of featurettes on some of their movies. In the first Crank there’s a close up shot of the wheel of the motorcylce that Jason Statham is riding, and the director himself is hanging off the back of the bike on rollerblades holding the camera up next to the wheel. Anyone else would have just filmed the bike against green screen. Or even CGI’d the whole shot. That’s the kind off effort these guys put into stuff, and even on a stupid movie like this that shows through. They also really play up Nic Cage’s hilarious side this time around, which is a very good move, helped by the fact that this time around he’s actually mo-capping the Ghost Rider. I also like the tone and setting of this one much better, as they move it from a generic L.A. city scape to the baron deserts and mountains of Romania and Turkey, giving the whole thing a much more old world religious kind of feel. It’s also more violent and has a swear word or two this time around, and is generally less dumbed down for kids. While all of these are positive changes, this still doesn’t feel like the Ghost Rider movie we should have gotten. It’s still only PG-13, it still doesn’t embrace the ridiculousness and stylization of the character quite enough, and it still seems like it was written by a 12 year old. Overall, I don’t think I would really recommend this movie, but it does have some good moments, a few laughs, and some really cool shots.

Overall Rating: Annoying Child Actor Demon Kid/10


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