Daredevil (2003) Review

Daredevil is super underrated. There, I said it. I’m going to be that guy. I’m going to be the asshole defending fucking Daredevil on the internet. But let me get something straight; this is definitely not a good movie. Like, it’s actually a pretty bad movie. But it’s also a pretty fun movie. And if you look past the total b-level filmmaking there are some really great moments in this movie. Now, I also want to stipulate that the Director’s cut of the movie is much better. It ads a subplot in which Matt Murdock and his legal partner Foggy (played by John Favreau in almost the exact same role that he plays as Happy in Iron Man) defend a man accused of murder, who is played by famed rapsmith Coolio. As ridiculous as all that sounds, it’s actually much more interesting than the main plot. We get to see Daredevil use his powers to fight crime from both sides of the law, using legal trickery to dole out justice and going all man-without-fear on people when that’s not enough. If the movie had been more about that kind of stuff instead all the bullshit with Elektra it probably would have been more fondly remembered. I think that’s what kills this movie for most people, is the whole kung-fu love story between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Ever minute she’s on screen sucks, that’s true, and you can point to the fight in the park as the definite low point of the movie, but people only ever seem to remember that, as opposed to perfectly executed origin story and the corny yet awesomely stylized comicbook tone that never lets up. Speaking of comicbook cheese, it’s hilarious how every single bit part character is named after a former Daredevil artist or writer, or one of the higher ups at marvel. Kevin Smith even has a cameo as a forensic investigator named Jack Kirby. But what really makes this movie for me is the combined villain power of Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin and Colin Ferrel as Bullseye. Thanks to the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon, Kingpin was always one of my favourite villains, and MCD plays the shit out of him. He just seems to love being evil so much for no reason, I love it. And as for Bullseye, I know a lot of comicbook fans hate this portrayal of the character, but I say if you can’t enjoy Colin Ferrel running around with a target carved in his forehead killing old ladies for no reason than you can’t enjoy anything. Now, if we’re talking cast I gotta mention Affleck as Daredevil. I wouldn’t say I love him in the role, and there’s probably a lot of people who could have played the character a little less like a douche who you want to punch, but he doesn’t do that bad of a job. Anyway, this got a lot longer than I wanted it to, but in closing I will say that the standard of quality regarding superhero movies has increased greatly over the last ten years, and while that’s good in a lot of ways, part of me kind of misses when they used to be this campy and stylized. A bad movie, but a fucking fun movie, and I would recommend revisiting it. Get the directors cut though.

Overall Rating: Without Fear/10


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