Elektra Review

This might be the worst movie ever. This is such a bad movie. This movie makes DC’s attempt at an early 2000s female lead superhero movie, Catwoman, look like a great fucking film. I mean, Jennifer Garner was the worst part of Daredeviland yet they decided to give her a spinoff, and they decided to not bother hiring actual writers I guess. So the movie technically takes place after DD, but there’s no real explanation as to how she came back from the dead or any allusions to any of the events of that movie. They even seem to rewrite her whole backstory, completely ignoring her father, who was a pretty major character in Daredevil. Anyway, so it attempts to be like a kung fu movie, with this little “chosen one” girl, and dudes with magic tattoos and shit. And no, neither of those things make any more sense after actually watching the movie. Also, the evil ninja tribe in the movie is called “the hand”, which, I don’t know about you, but sounds a lot like the fucking Foot from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to me. Which is a weird connection, because in the first issue of the TMNT comic, they actually show the mutagen being spilled in the sewer as the same traffic accident and the same radioactive goop that created Daredevil. Kind of just a little nod from the artist, but technically in a weird way that makes TMNT a Daredevil spinoff. Which this movie also is. See, this movie sucks so hard that I would literally rather talk about anything else. Don’t for the love of god ever watch this fucking haemorrhoid or a movie, and if you see Jennifer Garner in public, spit on her, please.

Overall Rating: A big ol’ pile of fucking poop/10


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